Refund Policy

To cancel your order

We accept any cancellation within 2 days after your payment is confirmed. If Project Upendo doesn't hear from you within 3 days, your request of cancellation will not be accepted.

About products

Project Upendo's products are all handmade in different African countries then shipped to our warehouse in the UK where we ship to our customers all over the world. We also ship from the African continent if our UK warehouse is out of stock. We pay attention on quality, finishes or any details. But our quality control is not as strict as industrial companies. Please accept that there are always some little changes of difference of colours or dimension due all our products being handmade. Please accept 1.5" (at most) of difference on dimension. If there is a big difference, we will inform you before shipping.

About minor defects

Our products might have some little defects such as shape changes due to shipping and compression . Please use a water spray bottle or dip basket in a little bit of water eave for 40 seconds and then use hand to reshape or push dents back into shape and it will be fixed if there are serious defects please do not hesitate to write us be email. we don't usually recommend you to return big items unless its seriously damaged as the shipping cost will be at your charge and it will be extremely expensive from your country. We recommend you to sell it or give it away. We will only make refunds for items that are severely damaged. In the case of the smaller items, please let us know within 1 week after you receive.